Rick Schneider

Vermont Custom Woodworking

82 White Lane

Bristol, VT 05443-9303

phone/fax 802/453-3651

email: schneidr@together.net




Recent Publications, Exhibitions, and Special Commissions


Recent Publications


·      Pahl, Greg, Guild Of Vermont Furniture Makers Provides Statewide Vehicle For Networking, Marketing, Champlain Business Journal, Vol. 6, No. 1, April 2001, pp.13, 16

·      Towler, Silas and Schneider, Rick, A Retrofit Ridge Beam, Residential Structure and Framing, July 1999, pp.169-171

·      Lynette Jennings Design, Discovery Channel. A ten minute visit with me in my shop while making a grand spiral staircase. This aired many times, nationally from fall 1998 to fall 1999. I have video copies of this, available upon request.  This is a good way to “meet” me and get a sense of who I am.

·      Farrel, Molly, Artisans Add Graceful Architectural Detail To Upscale Homes, Champlain Business Journal, May 1998, pp. 34-35

·      Whiteson Leon, Bridging Styles in Vermont, Architectural Digest, November 1997, pp.228-235, photo credits Wargo, Matt

·      Towler Silas and Schneider Rick, Laminated beams, The Journal of Light Construction, October 1997, New England Edition, pp.36-39, photo credits Schneider, Rick

·      Soga, Aki, “Site puts Vt. Crafts on display”, The Burlington Free Press, March 30, 1997, pp. 1E and 3E, photo credit: Schneider, Rick, from world wide web site through Vermont Crafts Council

·      “Crafting A Life”, Deerfield, Deerfield Academy Alumni News, Spring 1996, p. 26

·      Maurice, Maggie, “Woodworker Puts a New Twist on Stairways”, My Spiral Notebook, Vermont Times, November 16, 1995, pp. 4 and 13

·      Burros, Marian, “In Vermont, Fashioning Furniture, And Lives”, The New York Times, October 5, 1995, pp. C1 and C6

·      Salomon, Debbie, “Stair Masters”, The Burlington Free Press, February 15,1992, pp. 1C & 2C, photo credits: Wilson, Jym and Milens, Sanders

·      Danehy, John, “Custom Climb”, Addison County Independent, January 16,1992, p. 10A


Recent Exhibitions




                                    22 Inches Square

                                    The Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers

                                    Ferrisburg Artisans Guild

                                    5467 Route 7

                                    Ferrisburg, VT 05456





                                    Envisioned in a Pastoral Setting

                                    Shelburne Farms

                                    Shelburne, VT

                                    Meg Boyle - Exhibition Coordinator

                                    staircase and sculptural wooden floral lighting


July and August 1993

                                    The store at Essex

                                    Main Street

                                    Essex, NY

                                    Allen Simon - owner

                                    staircase furniture and cabinet work displayed



                                    From The Forest: Vermont Artisans In Wood

                                    The Helen Day Art Center

                                    P. O. Box 411

                                     Stowe, VT 05672


                                    Jean Sousa - Director of Art and Education

                                    carvings used to restore The Vermont Statehouse ceiling displayed


Recent Special Commissions and Projects


Winter 2001 to present   I have been doing  prototype sculptures, finished carvings, and furniture design for Grace Pomerleau Furniture Studios, South Burlington, Vermont.


Spring 2000      I did sculptural prototype work for Fine Art Lamps, Miami, Florida.


Summer 1999     I completed a graceful “S” shaped  staircase that curves  135° in one direction and then continues straight for several rises before curving back the other direction 135°.


Summer 1998    I completed a double level spiral staircase with horizontally laminated stringers, made of cherry with a black walnut balustrade.  It is 25 feet tall and at the top it has a “floating” balcony to accommodate a quartet of musicians.


Winter 1996      I carved sculptural lilies to support a cherry fireplace mantel.


Spring 1995      I sculpted 16”x16” deep relief blossoms to hold up a walnut bench top.


Winter 1995      I built a birdseye maple, oak, and forged steel console table that was pictured in the November 1997 issue of Architectural Digest.


Winter 1995      I completed a major tapering spiral staircase which has since been pictured in both The New York Times and Architectural Digest.


Fall 1993           I designed and carved a throne chair for Rossignol to use to sell equipment at the top of the mountain in Vail, Colorado.


Fall 1993           I carved pineapples for the restoration of the House of Representatives Chambers in the Vermont Statehouse.


Fall 1992           I worked in Barbados helping to restore a magnificent sugar plantation.


Fall 1992           I completed a life-size cherry sculpture of a championship dog; “Bust of Buster the Boxer”.


Summer 1992    I completed a magnificent and complex cherry and walnut staircase that took nearly 2000 hours to complete.  This staircase, installed in the finger lakes region of New York, was pictured and written about in The Burlington Free Press and the Addison County Independent.